Need something more than just a stretch?

Does your energy need a good boost?

Want to delve deeper into your spirituality?

Wish you had a daily meditation practice?

Are you curious about kundalini yoga?

Need a program you can take anywhere?

Is a balanced life important to you?

Keen to know more about your chakras?

Coz I have the PERFECT program just for you!

Did you know that your chakras are the architecture of your soul?

Think of them as 7 wheels or discs that program your survival, emotions, relationships and your belief systems. Many of these programs don’t work because they were given to us by dysfunctional families and are currently in need of a MAJOR update. If they’re not in balance and in harmony, they can block us from feeling secure or worthy of having a good life and feeling balanced.

Sick of the bikini clad yogi who posts pretzel like ‘yoga’ pics on Instagram?

Me too!! I bet you want something that is easily accessible, that you can do from anywhere in the world, and that can provide a holistic upgrade to your body, mind, heart and soul. That’s why I know you’re going to love kundalini yoga! It heals you from the inside out by strengthening your nervous system so that you don't feel triggered by stress & you're less reactive when you're overwhelmed.

Do you feel like this when you're off balance?

• You’re so busy that you find it difficult to make regular time for the yoga classes that you love so much

• You find it challenging to say ‘no’ to others, as well as to maintain clear boundaries in your relationships

• You get distracted by ‘shiny new object syndrome’ or ‘comparisitis’ and seem to regularly compare yourself unfavorably with others.

• You’re feeling triggered by a few different relationships in your life that are negatively impacting your self-esteem

• You’re highly critical of yourself and are finding it difficult to move past certain experiences from your past

And when you're happy and balanced..

• Your inner and outer worlds are in alignment so that you’re less likely to over react when you feel stressed.

• Your boundaries are clear because your actions are aligned with your words.

• You experience a deeper connection in your relationships because you surround yourself with people that support your growth.

• You’re no longer hustling or working hideously long hours because you value your time, which means better opportunities flow your way.

• You have a sense of purpose and a clear direction in your life. You trust your instincts and honour your feelings.

And I bet that the clearer you feel, the impact you have in the world is so much more powerful. Right?


Patty doesn’t produce products. Patty gives from her heart. Patty gives, speaks and creates from the very space where she does her thinking and loving alike. The e-course was the proverbial good thing in a small package – here was something that I could easily weave into my daily routine, some directly targeted healing delivered with Patty’s kooky magic and perfectly honest, loving sincerity, something that left my mind, body and emotions with a sense of soothed clarity and real support. For me, 40 days turned into 80 days. The changes were apparent daily as my lower back began to unlock, followed by increased strength and the lasting sensation of stability and balance.

DR STEPHANIE MAJCHER University Lecturer

Patty’s prodigious knowledge and gentle encouragement have helped me to understand that yoga is fun. It is not about over stretching, but about gently exploring what is within your body and within your soul. Through yoga and meditation I am learning to strengthen my compassion for myself, and for those around me, and this gives me a sense of calm in hard and happy times. These home practices have the added benefit of being totally portable, relatively brief but intense, and immensely satisfying as a yoga routine. Patty is a soulful teacher and a beautiful person.


Thank you Patty for another amazing healing. Working with you has made being my true self and following my bliss, effortless! I am loving your 40 Day e-course that makes daily spiritual/yoga practice fit in with my mothering and teaching schedule. Your 40 day workbook is thought-provoking and inspiring. You are so gifted and I am immensely grateful to know you and your work.


I’m so grateful I signed up to your Chakra Balance E-Course Patty it’s nothing short of amazing. The material is so easy to use and I love that I can go at my own pace. To be honest before I signed up I thought it was going to be a minefield of information to go through. It’s not though, just simple, empowering and beautiful. I think you’re a genius. I’ve taken many online courses; your chakra balance is one of a kind. Love it.

TAMEERA KEMP Astrologer & Numerologist

A balanced life doesn’t come from external factors like whether you’re married with kids, how much money you make, the house you live in, or whether you’re rockin’ it in your profession.

That’s all external.

Your bright future depends on how at peace you are with your past, and how you feel about yourself presently.

So I've created an in-depth e-course specifically tailored to help you establish daily spiritual habits that nourish your soul and clear your energy.

You get to enjoy profound benefits in all aspects of your life and can take this course anywhere you go so that you can continue balancing your chakras, practicing kundalini yoga and meditating your magic from anywhere in the world!

So I've created an in-depth e-course specifically tailored to help you establish daily spiritual habits that nourish your soul and clear your energy.

You get to enjoy profound benefits in all aspects of your life and can take this course anywhere you go so that you can continue balancing your chakras, practicing kundalini yoga and meditating your magic from anywhere in the world!

This innovative chakra balance e-course will help you:

• Heal your mind, body & spirit so you can focus on your goals

• Strengthen your communication and transform your relationships

• Clear your energy blocks for a deeper connection with yourself

• Gain a deeper awareness of unbalanced chakras & how to fix them

• Develop a greater understanding of how to lessen personal triggers

• Learn simple yet effective ways to regain balance in your chakras

• Maintain a daily yoga practice without needing to attend a yoga class

• Recognise how deficient or excessive symptoms impact your wellbeing

• Boost your immune system through rejuvenating meditation techniques

The convenient format of this e-course enables you to deepen your spiritual depth, even with a demanding schedule and a busy lifestyle.

I know how difficult it can be to form a new habit and stick to it. But each chakra module will guide you every step of the way over 40 days until your new spirituality is a daily phenomenon.

What’s with the magical yogic power of 40 days?

Ancient yoga scriptures tell us that it takes 40 days to change a habit. Many societies use 40 days as a period of transformation. There is the 40 day religious period of Lent, a 40 day cultural tradition of mourning and even a six week training for army recruits.

Does the idea of 40 consecutive days of doing the same thing fill you with dread and horror?

If it does, don’t worry my friend, you’re not alone! In fact, many of my students choose to work on a different chakra every day instead of focusing on the same one for 40 days. (This also eliminates any chance of boredom!)

It’s all here. In one place.
All broken down and ready for you to implement in your own life.

The 40 day chakra balance e-course offers the tools, strategies, and insights you need to maintain a daily practice, as well as understand how you can transform your energy to make your life less stressful, more impactful, and true to your ideal vision.

This is a spiritual toolkit that gives you many options to choose from so that you can magnify your light

But it has so much more depth than that!

It takes a soul-centred and all-inclusive approach that shares practical strategies to support you. In your way. In your time. On your terms.

The core curriculum is based on the 7 chakras or energy centres of your body, and includes 8 carefully chosen kundalini yoga and mediation sequences skillfully tailored to balance your ENERGY, shift your challenges, clear your blocks and manifest your dreams.

But mostly, it’s about appreciating that knowing something intellectually doesn’t mean anything, unless you are embodying this wisdom in your everyday actions.

And I bet you already know, that how you manage your energy, affects how you can manage everything in your life. If you're not managing your stress very well, you'll also struggle to manage your time, energy and relationships. Healthy relationships aren't based on guilt and obligation; they’re based on trust and honesty.


Patty – I have just completed the 40 days e-course and I can’t thank you enough!! It has been an amazing experience and has got me into a daily meditation practice, which I have never been able to achieve but have always wanted to have in my life. I have learnt so much about myself and how to create more prosperity and abundance in my life and am feeling really positive and on track. The workbook was really useful and helped to clear up a lot of confused emotions and unwanted thought patterns. You are an incredible guide and teacher and I feel very grateful to have your influence in my life.


I run nightclubs and DJ all around Australia. The last 40 day practice I did was at the same time I launched my new club: White Rabbit. I was in the zone and the opening night attracted over 4000 people and the event went viral (was all over the internet, news and radio). I have no doubt that the 40 day practices allow you to let go and live your potential, and every time I commit to a sadhana, my life dramatically improves as I make massive progress on all my goals. I also find my energy and lust for life increases. Patty introduced me to 40 day practices many years ago, and I am eternally grateful. Now I know, where to go, if I want to improve my life, and the lives of the people around me.


Patty I have to say a massive thank you to you for introducing me to kundalini yoga! I love it and feel that it has helped me  feel more grounded, positive, in control and less reactive – particularly with my two young children! You are a fantastic yoga teacher and I am so glad that you started up these e-courses for those of us who sometimes find it logistically tricky getting to the studio. It’s also really helped me cope with what my Mum’s going through with her cancer. Over the past 7 weeks I’ve watched my other family members immersed in fear and negativity regarding this. Your daily practice (sometimes not every day…) has helped me be the positive, ever hopeful one in the family and I know my Mum has noticed and appreciates it greatly.


Patty has the utmost of professionalism, integrity and a formidable intellect. She is a wonderful facilitator with an enormous depth and breadth of knowledge. I absolutely LOVE what Patty brings into all of her teachings. She is real, grounded and is able to deliver complex concepts about yoga and life in a way that is accessible to everyone. It’s so easy to fall in love with Patty’s humour, wisdom and extraordinary warmth as a teacher and as a person!

BEATA ALFOLDI Shamanic Practitioner

Patty has developed something very beautiful in this E Course on Chakra Balance. You can move through the chakras in the way you choose, always having an experience of yourself and feeling your rebalancing as a shift back to your center.  It is more than simply taking a class, you are given the tools to support your personal process of growth.

SURAJ KHALSA Kundalini Lead Trainer

Sometimes we need a little tune-up, alignment and reminder that all the power, abundance and joy that we desire is within. Thank you, Patty Kikos for guiding me through an insightful, intuitive and beyond powerful course that encouraged me to deeply listen, call deep on my courage and act from a place of authenticity. Each day in this course I was asked to get real, and ‘show up’ but also be at peace with myself.

KATE KENDALL Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur

Wow! Beautiful graphics, clear and easy-to-follow content, accessible yet authentic – Patty has created a course that is both thorough and inspiring.  I love that you can choose to focus on areas that resonate for you as an individual and that all the teachings are so relevant and practical for a modern yogi!

KATIE MANITSAS Yoga Teacher, Doula & Activist

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher of 10 years, I have never seen a course so well put together and comprehensive as  Patty’s  e-course for the chakras. It is evident that the gratitude journal is heart & thought provoking and the content reflects her deep wisdom for spirituality, chakras, and the esoteric anatomy.

DR VANESSA STRAUSS Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher

I met Patty at the perfect time in my life. My mother had died, I was going through a horrible divorce and suffering from adrenal fatigue. I had hit the wall emotionally and physically. I signed up for her chakra course e-course and it’s changed my life. I now know that my emotional and spiritual stresses were causing my physical problems and that my chakras are the key to healing. I studied kundalini yoga extensively at Golden Bridge in LA and I can say that Patty’s courses are world class. From her infectious energy to the fabulous music – she provides a great atmosphere for transformation. I can’t wait to keep learning from her. In fact, I love her so much that she’s going to be the celebrant at my wedding.


Patty lives and breathes chakra wisdom. For those who can not attend her workshops Patty’s e-course is the next best thing. Patty’s voice soothes during the video practice and in the daily emails her words empower and inspire. If committing to a 40 Day course sounds like a challenge, I say no need to worry. With Patty the journey will be exciting and rewarding.

SARA SHIVANI Body Bliss Business

Patty Kikos is a Force of Nature! She understands the need and has the desire to support those who wish to make a commitment to daily yoga practice. It is a gift to have Patty’s loving yet commanding voice in your home guiding you through the moves and encouraging you at every move. What an energetic and grounding way to start the day and what a difference it made to my everyday! I didn’t give myself a hard time for missing a few but when the first e-course ended it was a noticeable difference when I no longer had the daily practice. With deep gratitude and huge love to Patty for who she is and how much of her true, real self she shares with you through her online work.

JANINE MOODLEY Ruby's Spiced Chai

Patty’s Chakra Balance e-course is a breath of fresh air ! Not a hint of ‘should’ anywhere to be found which I personally loved. Her expansive knowledge is delivered in a way that allows you to interpret it based on your own life and experiences. Her guided meditations literally envelop you in an energetic embrace while you take your own journey inward to discover your own truth. Pure awakening bliss.

BARBARA TURLEY Wealth Strategist

How Balancing Your Energy Centers Or Chakras
Will Transform Your Life:

Join Me Today To Reap The Powerful Daily Rewards
Of A Deeper Connection To Your Spirit.

Your path to spiritual growth and depth covers EIGHT modules that include:

  • 30 minute kundalini yoga sequence with both audio and video downloads so you can take this course with you wherever you go. You don't need expensive yoga gear or even to be an accomplished yoga student...these guided steps will make it easy for you to see massive shifts in only 30minutes a day!
  • Sequence summary (available as a .pdf download) so you can easily take the postures on the go with you or visually be reminded of exactly what to do.
  • Creative opportunity to craft your own vision board and healing mandala. I will take you step by step through how to create your new internal "map" so you can truly picture your bright new future and call it into existence.
  • Essential 40 day workbook and separate gratitude journal. This is where the magic happens...when you reflect on what you are grateful for you can't feel anything else other than gratitude.
  • Handy 40 day check-sheet to help keep you on track. No double guessing what you need to do next - just follow the simple steps!
  • A bonus meditation audio download. These are what my yoga students LOVE. Every time I play one I get asked how they can get a copy. I thought I would throw one in for you as a bonus.

That's a WHOLE YEAR'S worth of content for the price of one 6-8 week course!

Most e-courses are jam packed with awesome content that runs for only 6 – 8 weeks. In fact, that’s how this program originally started.

But something didn’t quite feel right. Something was missing.

I mean 6 weeks is equivalent to 40 days of powerful transformation – but after you’re done, then what?

And what about the 8 AMAZING BONUSES that you get for FREE?

If your spirit knows it's your time to step up as the game-changer you're meant to be, so that your sense of balance gives you the freedom to live the life you love, then this is the perfect time to jump on board.


I have been wanting to extend my thanks to you for a while and during this mornings practice I knew I absolutely needed to let you know how beneficial I am finding the course. Thank you so much for your work. I really needed to connect with my spirit. Your course has helped me recognize how many distractions and addictions I have allowed to become patterns that had more authority over my willpower than my inner spirit. I am feeling so much freer, lighter and connected to self. Thankyou Patty for your words and guidance.


Patty’s course is the most beautifully designed and well-thought out program I’ve seen. The attention to detail is amazing, the love she has poured into it’s content truly inspiring. You can feel her energy in every word and picture. This will change your life.

AMY TAYLOR –KABBAZ Author & Speaker

I’ve been a student and client of Patty’s for a few years now and I am most excited to be doing her e-courses. I have found them to be inspiring and perfect timing for me to do at my own pace. I love her classes and workshops but I’m not always able to attend. Having access to her in my own time has made a key difference for me in making more of a commitment to myself. Thank you Patty for your inspiration and always finding a means to include me in your classes.

SIMONNE LEE Animal Communicator

I think the last time I did yoga was 15 years ago and the last day off I had was 2 1/2 years ago. Yep, my business consumes me. I was drawn to Patty because she was not woo-woo and is a switched on business woman herself. In the short time she has been my teacher I don’t take on as much guilt from my clients, I don’t feel bad to take some down time and I have a renewed excitement about my own purpose. I told her I am going to help spread her materials around the world and I mean it…every single busy woman needs access to these resources.

HEATHER PORTER Online Expert & Entrepreneur

This accessible, innovative course gently guides you into your own flow.

Each chakra module is meticulously designed with the intention of helping you find balance and restore healing by encouraging you to reduce stress, release heavy emotions and let go of outdated belief systems that no longer serve you.

By committing to a daily practice, you’re actively taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and success.

Understanding the science behind your chakras is no longer a secret that a selected few spiritual masters can access. It’s the simplest way for you to reprogram your subconscious, so you experience greater success in almost any area of your life.

FUN FACT: The word ‘kundalini’ means potential

Your potential is important to me because I want you to know, that you matter, and you have something to share with the world that nobody else can, simply because they are not you.

And let me be clear. I don’t want you to think of your potential as something that can only be measured by how much you do or achieve, because I think that’s simply an external representation of how internally connected and aligned you are.

I want to you to be so connected to your unique soul blueprint, that you find it easy to evoke your potential to experience great love, passion, clarity and power.

I want you to feel that you can transcend any situation through the core of your very being, and I want your soul to be aligned so that you can magnify your light in a way that is unabashed, unadulterated and most of all, unapologetic.

In order to minimize any predisposition of being distracted by shiny new object syndrome, some of the most successful people I know keep themselves accountable by practicing the same thing every day for 40 days.

And this is one of the reasons that I have created this course for you.

Because your chakras symbolise the journey of your past experience, the truth of your current glandular health and the clear connection between your mind, body and soul.

And kundalini yoga is the vehicle for you to use your physical body in a way that is tangible and authentic for where you are today. There's no need to ask whether “you're doing this right” because the entire practice is done at your own pace and with your eyes closed.

You will always be invited to modify all postures so that you can honour how you feel in that particular moment. This is a soulful practice that can polish and heal you from the inside out by honouring your truth and clearing the way for what you yearn to shift in your life.

Not only does this course help you stay on track with your goals, but it also helps you shift any blocks that come up along the way. Since starting this course, my students have achieved amazing results such as:

• opening a sold out art exhibition

• finishing a phd degree

• landing a coveted job promotion

• starting a successful business

• overcoming addiction and trauma

• healing fertility issues

• recovering from depression and anxiety

• finding love in a committed relationship


  • q-iconWhat if I can’t do an exercise or miss a day?

    You are welcome to modify any posture that isn’t available for you so that you can get the most out of your practice. Traditionally, in the event that you miss a day, you have the option of starting over, but remember this is YOUR practice, so it’s important to do what feels right for you!

  • q-iconDo I have to move through all the chakra modules in a specific order?

    Absolutely not! This is why you have complete access to all the 7 chakras and aura module. You’re welcome to move through the e-course in a way that feels right for you, depending on what you’d like to focus on right now.

  • q-iconWhat is your refund policy?

    As per industry standard, I don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed. However, I’m confident that the 40 day chakra balance e-course is a wonderful and empowering way for you to take responsibility for your life so that you can change a habit that your soul is ready to shift.

  • q-iconWhy kundalini yoga?

    Kundalini yoga is known among many to be the fast track to awakening one’s awareness and union of the body, mind, and spirit.  Yogi Bhajan said it takes 22 years to achieve in Hatha Yoga what can be done in one year of Kundalini Yoga.

  • q-iconWhat is kundalini yoga like?

    The practice is open to all levels and is done with your eyes closed, at your own pace. The exercises are put together in a way that stimulate your glands and strengthen your nervous system so that you feel less triggered by stress and are less reactive when you feel overwhelmed. Going at your own pace is incredibly empowering.

  • q-iconTechnology and I aren’t friends – is it hard to access the e-course?

    Technology and I aren’t exactly besties either. This is why I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to login and access your workbooks. Once you sign in using your email address, you will be directed to the members’ area where you can easily access and download your video and audio files, as well as your workbooks, gratitude journal and helpful resources.

  • q-iconWhat if I want extra support?

    There is a Facebook group where you can interact with others, share your insights, as well as ask any questions. There’s also a #40DayChakraBalance Instagram challenge that gives you the opportunity to share your pics with so many others world wide.

  • q-iconOK I’m ready to start ! How do I sign up and when does it start?

    The e-course starts as soon as you sign up. Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive all the information you need to get started via email. The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin your transformative journey!

  • q-iconDo I get access to everything at once?

    Absolutely – everything will be available to you from the moment you purchase. Your road map to spiritual transformation can begin instantly.

  • q-iconWill this work on my PC, iPad, or other mobile device?

    Yes. All materials can be downloaded to any laptop or desktop computer, then transferred to a mobile device.

  • q-iconCan’t I just get this info for free reading blogs on my own?

    There is no other program in the world that is as comprehensive as the 40 day chakra balance e-course. You not only have access to kundalini yoga sequences and guided meditations, you also have access to healing materials that give you profound insight into your transformation.

  • q-iconThere seems to be lots of options to choose from – Can I decide how I structure my daily practice?

    You sure can – in fact that’s the idea! There’s an Instagram challenge that will inspire you if you love taking photos as well as a bonus meditation, a gratitude journal & a 40 day workbook for each chakra module. There’s also an opportunity to create a vision board for your goal, as well as a healing mandala for each module.

When you focus on what you want,
the dedicated energy of your purpose helps you manifest your goals much easier.

I believe that in order to transform something, you really need to understand it first.

This is what this course does for you, and this is why I’ve put it together in a way that is as comprehensive in its depth as it is simple to understand and to implement.

I want this vital information to be easily accessible to you so that you can change your life, heal your wounds and transform your entire life.

This course should really be part of every school’s curriculum, not only because it teaches you to be more adaptable, but because it helps you optimize your physical, emotional and emotional capacities.

If you wish to deepen your connection to your soul so that you can feel clear and balanced enough to live an abundantly full life, then this course is perfect for you.

And This Notion Of Balance. Is It Realistic?
Is It Something That’s Attainable?

And... Who ARE You?

Ah, I’m glad you asked. I’m someone who was an expert in the art of a NON balanced life. I was a driven type A personality who yearned to find balance and meaning while helping others.

I had great altruistic intentions – but no spiritual toolkit to keep me on track.

I worked as a social worker and counselor and tried to ‘balance’ the stress of my job by teaching dance. When my deep unhappiness didn’t stir my soul into taking action to change my life, an adrenal burnout subsequently got my attention.

Version 2.0 of my professional qualifications morphed into the wellness industry and saw me nab a few more qualifications that were more aligned with my spirit. I studied kinesiology, became a Reiki master and an energy healer.

But the party really got started when I became a hatha and kundalini yoga teacher. I was the first Australian kundalini yoga teacher to launch an e-course back in 2012.

Suddenly I had access to a plethora of tools that helped me clear my energy and manifest my dreams into a beautiful reality. Today, I’m a space holder for divine transformation. I do this is a wedding celebrant, energy healer and yoga teacher. And I’m chuffed to say that I have been happily doing this for the past 10 years.

In this last year I have taught sold-out chakra balance workshops and courses, trained healers in the reiki I and reiki II tradition, helped clients transform through booked-out 1:1 sessions, officiated hundreds of wedding ceremonies as a sought after celebrant, lectured on yoga teacher trainings, taught at yoga conferences and represented Lululemon as an ambassador.

I have made it my mission to share these teachings through my chakra balance courses, workshops and teacher training lectures. It’s now time to share them online.


"Patty’s course will change your life!"


"For me, 40 days turned into 80 days."


"Such an insightful & beyond powerful course."


"There’s nothing else like this in the world!"